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I francesi ANTROPOFAGO pubblicheranno il loro nuovo album "Aera Dementiae" su etichetta Kaotoxin Records durante il 2014.

Il disco è stato registrato durante l'estate e vede la partecipazione dei GOROD, dei NEPHREN-KA e dei SAVAGE ANNIHILATION.

Il disco segna il definitivo abbandono alla band del chitarrista Hugo Mermet, che sarà sostituito da Nicolas Alberny.
Gordon Huillery ha scritto precedentemente:

Since Hugo joined Antropofago three years ago, the deal was clear - having fun while playing a brutal brand of technical death metal without messing with his job as a luthier. His business is growing, orders are following one an other and it became clear time has come for him to focus on his main goal: building awesome guitars. We both decided it was time to search for a replacement, even though he obviously stays an important element of the band's surrounding as our guitar-crafter and, most important, as a close friend. When people started to get aware of the fact we were searching for a new guitarist, we received a lot of applications, the first one being from Nicolas. We know each other since sometimes now, we get along well and, knowing his work for Gorod, it was obvious he has the needed technical level to join the band. I'm happy we're still working as a family and Hugo will always be around as he's building guitars for both bands and will continue filling-in for Nico if he has to work with Gorod, which obviously stays his main priority.
Nicolas Alberny ha scritto precedentemente:

I like the band's music and I wanted to play something else, with other people and, well, Antropofago's straight-forward brutal and technical so it was an obvious choice.
Ecco la tracklist dell'opera:

Encounter With The Doppelgänger
Body Cell
Helter Skelter
Aera Dementiae
Paranoid Visions (pt.2)
The Other Me
God Ov Fire
Insania Lupina

Bonus Disc (limited to 1,000 copies):
Cannibal Way Of Life
Paranoid Visions (Pt. 2 - 2012 version)
Bloodred Honeymoon
Psychopathia Sexualis
Safer In My Head
The Butcher
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