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Il nuovo album degli AURORA BOREALIS, il settimo in studio, si intitolerà "World Shapers" e sarà pubblicato all'inizio del prossimo anno.

Il disco è stato registrato presso i Nightsky Studios, e prodotto, mixato e masterizzato da Ron Vento.
The new album World Shapers is basically an offshoot from the other CD Timeline. There is a line on Timeline in the song 'Tearing Holes In The Fabric Of Time' that talks about the human race sending encoded DNA/human genome microorganisms in a message that they send while using plank energy to tear open the fabric of time itself into other dimensions, billions of times. They do this because our universe is dying along with everything in it. The line even says that this is a different story (thus not part of Timeline but to be addressed later). This story is about the reception of that message by a different species / race in another dimension. It was planned to do this story long ago when writing the Timeline CD. While Timeline was more what I believe to be truth about the universe, it's birth and demise and everything in between, this new CD is purely science fiction but still touches on some very real topics.
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