Stormwarrior, informazioni sulla release "Thunder & Steele"


Pubblicata il:24 gennaio 2014
Gli Stormwarrior hanno rilasciato il seguente comunicato sul merchandising:

Hi folks,

We will set up our online store very soon to provide you with new merchandise and special items like signed vinyl, new and old patches etc...

In the meantime, if you would like to order a signed version of "Thunder & Steele" in CD format, please write to:

and ask for pricing and shipping information !!

!!! Note !!!
At this moment we can not provide you with signed vinyl of the new album as we didn't receive enough copies yet to sell them. Hopefully the situation will change next week...

If you want to pre-order a signed "Thunder & Steele" LP you can write us as well to the e-mail above.
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