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Pubblicata il:25 marzo 2014
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I finnici BROTHER FIRETRIBE pubblicheranno il loro terzo album "Diamond In The Firepit" il 2 maggio su etichetta Spinefarm Records.
Pekka Ansio Heino ha scritto precedentemente:

We're thrilled to be back in action after five years which seems like a life time! We wouldn't be THIS thrilled if the new album hadn't turned out be exactly how we wanted it to be. It's just as bold, big, polished, hooky and sticky as we pictured it. A lot of hard work was spent making it happen and now it's time for the best part of making music; taking it out and playing it live. We can't wait to meet our old friends again and hopefully make some new ones along the way. Hope you enjoy Diamond In The Firepit. Thanks for still being there and sorry for the delay, let's have some serious fun!
Ecco la tracklist dell'opera:

'Love's Not Enough'
'Far Away From Love'
'For Better Of For Worse'
'Edge Of Forever'
'Hanging By A Thread'
'Trail Of Tears'
'Winner Takes It All'
'Tired Of Dreaming'
'Reality Bites'
'Close To The Bone'
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