A LIGHT DIVIDED, i dettagli del debut album "Choose Your Own Adventure"


Pubblicata il:01 agosto 2018
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Il prossimo 5 ottobre gli A LIGHT DIVIDED pubblicheranno il loro album di debutto "Choose Your Own Adventure".

Il disco è anticipato dal singolo "Fear of Heights", il cui videoclip diretto da Justin Reich degli Antimatter Studios è disponibile di seguito.

As someone who constantly battles with anxiety and self-image concerns, ‘Fear Of Heights’ deals with being afraid to get out of your own way when it comes to relationships. It's scary being vulnerable enough to let someone into your inner crazy because what if they don't like what they find? But for the right person, you realize you have to open up and face those fears or you risk losing everything.

We underwent a lot of major changes since our last record so, it was really important for Choose Your Own Adventure to reflect all of that growth. We constantly pushed ourselves to step further and further outside our comfort zone and ultimately created a record I couldn't be more proud of. Lyrically, Choose Your Own Adventure deals with topics like frustration, mental health, loss, betrayal, relationships, hope and continuing to fight for what you love despite those challenges. I think everyone has had those experiences at some point and I hope these songs can help someone to see the light in those dark times.
Il disco è stato prodotto da Kile Odell e Joshua Landry e avrà la seguente tracklist:

“Make Your Luck”
“Fear Of Heights”
“Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn”
“Life Lessons”
“The War We Watched”
“Scars Of You”
“Finding Center”
“Sink Into Nothing”
“Plastic Crowns”
“Counting To Sober”
“Armor And War Paint”
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