MOSAIC COVENANT, nuova band per l'ex-MORBID ANGEL Richard Brunelle


Pubblicata il:22 novembre 2018
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L'ex-chitarrista dei MORBID ANGEL Richard Brunelle ha dato vita al progetto MOSAIC COVENANT con la collaborazione del batterista Brandon Thomas Lyons.

La band ha già pubblicato in streaming le due canzoni "Silence The Dead" e "The Sun Never Stops The Rain", ascoltabili di seguito.
It is Alien Metal!!! Do you believe in Aliens? What if Aliens are really GOD? The MOSAIC COVENANT (named after Moses), also known as the Sinaitic Covenant (named after the biblical Mount Sinai), refers to a biblical covenant between God and the biblical Israelites, including their proselytes aka The 10 Commandments.

I feel this music I am releasing was given to me by Aliens what I believe to be the true God. It is the beginning of what is hoped to be much more to come of them making their presence known. It is not me creating this music it is them. By all means do not take this as some Christian religious expression. This is to open the eyes of humanity to the existence of Aliens.


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