HALLS OF OBLIVION, si separano dal batterista Markus Weber


Pubblicata il:15 settembre 2020
I melodic deathster tedeschi HALLS OF OBLIVION si sono separati dal batterista di lunga data Markus Weber.
Ne ha dato notizia la band stessa dalla propria pagina facebook ufficiale, specificando di come si sia trattato di una separazione assolutamente amichevole:

"Today we unfortunately have some bad news. After many years, our drummer Markus will part ways with Halls of Oblivion.

This was a mutual parting and we had a meeting a few weeks ago, where we discussed the future of the band and came to the conclusion that we do not have a common perception of what we want to achieve in the future. There is no bad blood involved and this decision does not affect our friendship - it's only based on what's best for him personally as well as the band as a whole.

If you want to keep track of Markus’ musical endeavors, check out our brothers in Darkness Ablaze.

We want to thank Markus for everything we experienced and achieved together and we'll always be grateful for the amazing time we had as a band.
Nevertheless stay tuned - we've got something interesting coming up very soon...
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