Alight: alla ricerca della nuova cantante


Pubblicata il:11 dicembre 2007
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Dopo l'uscita dalla band di Mariangela a favore dei Tristania (Norvegia), questa promettente band italiana è alla ricerca della sostituta.

Riportiamo la notizia apparsa sul loro MySpace.

As you all know, Mary decided some time ago to join Tristania. At first we were convinced she would be able to go on with both bands. Unfortunately, it wasn't as we thought.

Due to her duties in Tristania, Mary has decided to leave our musical project.
It is a real pity, not only because her voice fit perfectly to our style, but also for all the important concerts in 2008 we had to cancel.

We wish her all the success she deserves, because she has always tried to give everything to Alight and we thank her wholeheartedly for her commitment and dedication to bring our project forwards.

We excuse us with all our fans who waited for our CD to be released and to finally see us performing live.

We are now going to dedicate our time to find a valid substitute for Mary.
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Inserito il 04 feb 2017 alle 22:57

che scappa da tutte

Inserito il 11 dic 2007 alle 10:48

In bocca al lupo ad Alight... che trovino una cantante che spacca!!!!!

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