INSOMNIUM, al lavoro sul nuovo album


Pubblicata il:20 ottobre 2021
Fonte:comunicato stampa
Gli Insomnium, tornati da poco con il nuovo Ep dal titolo Argent Moon, sono al lavoro sul nuovo album, questo è stato dichiarato dal chitarrista Jani Liimatainen a The MetalSucks Podcast.
Queste le parole del musicista finlandese:
"I can let you in on a little secret. We have already started working on the new album. There's no point in sitting on our hands here, we have to do something, and since we can't know what's happening with live shows, let's just work on a new album, new songs.
"Actually that's the reason even this interview was rescheduled because there was a double booking which we didn't notice. Last week we had a band meeting and also rehearsed for three days. Since this was the first time we met all together in over a year because Ville [Friman, guitarist] lives in the U.K. And also the U.K.-Finland situation has been iffy so traveling has not been possible.
Notizia segnalata da Matteo Mapelli

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