Primevil (Mpire Of Evil)



Nazione:Regno Unito
Attività:dal 2010

Line up

  • Jeff "Mantas" Dunn: guitar
  • Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan: vocals, bass
  • Antony "Antton" Lant: drums
In 1979 a dark formation occurred, something so Black it would send a ripple that would become a wave into the Metal/Rock world. Taking the name of Mantas, Jeff Dunn formed and outfit that would rival the stage shows of Kiss and challenge the occultist theme that Black Sabbath had be heralded with...take the knife edge that made Judas Priest dangerous and the volume that made Motorhead intense and roll it into a big Black dirtball called......VENOM!!!
As the founding member Mr.Dunn thundered Venom through songs he'd written like: “Angel Dust”, “Raise The Dead”, “Red Light Fever” and “Buried Alive”, forming the foundation of the style that was to become the mayhem of Venom's approach...eventually enlisting a Drummer who's style was suitably chaotic and losing a singer to have a bass player in Venom take over vocals, the band evolved and became three.. it was this trio that changed the face of Metal's underside. If 'Welcome To Hell' shocked the community into waking up with a fright then the follow up album and it's title would begin a whole new path and set Venom as a legendary band...The album “Black Metal” became a landmark and created a whole new genre. Four albums went by countless ep’s, and singles then Mantas called it a day…uninspired and disenchanted with his teammates new found fame he left his own band. But in 1988 Mantas returned: wiser...stronger and with a new hunger! The band had altered again giving him new hope and inspiration to his vision enter The Demolition Man (Tony Dolan), old friends, they penned the album “Prime Evil”, an album than in itself was hailed as return to form for Venom. The sound cleaner and style altered through the vocal attack of Mr. Dolan, “Prime Evil” stood out in the list of Venom albums. Another 2 albums and a mini followed to have The Demolition Man and Mantas (once again disillusioned) call Venom a day. A reformation of the “Welcome to Hell” line-up was asked for to play the Dynamo Festival, the money was on the table and Mantas accepted...not for long was the ship happy as the drummer then was sacked as the recording of what would become the next landmark Venom album was underway. Enter Antton (Antony Lant), who took the drummers seat for the powerful and highly noted “Ressurection” album, but just as all things seemed to be smoothed out…once again the ugly head of Venom bit and Mantas had had enough...exit stage front!!! Antton carried on in Venom only to come himself to a crashing revelation and so exited also. In 2010 there were some discussions and some rumblings and calls were being put out for Mantas to do something, his work with his own band Mantas and Dryll seemed to be moving ever up and better but following the Dryll Antton drummers departure and as was now Venom free as it where. The two friends and once band mates collided once more, Antton carried on with his own outfit, 'DefConOne' but now was with Mantas again but this time in Dryll. It didn't take long before the mutterings began…Mantas, Antton if they could coax The Demolition Man back...what would happen, what would that be like. The call went out eventually by Mantas and in came The Demolition Man. Thus they decided that they needed to produce something befitting their musical prowess, unashamedly, heavy and without restraint….free of ego, deception, unreasonable behavior and something for filling as musicians. The Die-hard fans, the head fellowship of the Venom Legions were left to chose the name, seeing as it was them who pushed for it to happen...and they called it PRIME EVIL!!! So the trio began to forge a band to correct all the wrong doing and make the music they were always trying to keep true to with their former band but without pretending it was 1982 all over again. This is PrimEvil...this is Mantas, Antton and The Demolition Man and this is 2010!!! Some where in time the Welcome was given for anyone wishing to visit...but now it isn't awaiting them 2010.........Hell is coming the Holy!!!


Hellspawn (2010) 



Primevil: In League With Satan

(11 novembre 2010) Devo ammettere che entrare in contatto con Mantas fa un certo effetto. Anche se negli ultimi anni il suo nome non è più sulla cresta dell’onda come una volta, non dobbiamo...

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