Skalmold (Skálmöld)



Attività:dal 2009

Line up

  • Snæbjörn Ragnarsson: bass, vocals
  • Jón Geir Jóhannsson: drums, vocals
  • Baldur Ragnarsson: guitars, vocals
  • Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson: guitars, vocals
  • Gunnar Ben Keyboards: vocals, oboe
  • Björgvin Sigurðsson: vocals, guitars
Skálmöld is an Icelandic metal band formed in August 2009. Each of the band’s 6 members come from a very different musical background and had been formerly active in other bands—not all metal. From day one, the band began to lay down the groundwork that would become their debut album.

Skálmöld’s music can be described as powerful melodic and epic Viking Metal, mixed with the cold Icelandic darkness and various folk influences. Think Amon Amarth meets Ensiferum, meets Iron Maiden, and meets the classical composer Jón Leifs. The band’s lyrical take is ambitious and follows the strict rules of traditional Icelandic poetry.

Skálmöld recorded a 2-song demo tape in January 2010. The never-released demo recordings were an attempt to define the band’s musical direction.
With an album worth of songs, Skálmöld entered the studio four months later and recorded their debut album, “Baldur”. It is a concept album that tells the epic and dramatic tale of the Icelandic Viking Baldur.
In November 2010, Skálmöld signed a deal with the Faroese record label Tutl, which released and distributed “Baldur” in both Iceland and the Faeroe Islands. In April 2011, the band signed to the Austrian label Napalm Records, which will release Baldur worldwide.

From the far north of Iceland, the Viking metal horde Skálmöld springs to life with a blistering first album. "Baldur" combines powerful and melodic songwriting with anepic and chilling tale of revenge. The concept album tells the dramatic turn of events of the Icelandic Viking, Baldur. The story begins in a time of peace when Baldur, a wealthy man, has just settled down. He has much land, a loving wife, and children. Yet disaster strikes, when a demon-like creature not-of-this-world brutally attacks his peaceful existence. His home is in ruins and, worst of all, his family dead. Finding two of his men, Gunnar Jarl and Grímur, still alive, Baldur swears revenge. Fighting their way across the harsh Icelandic landscape, the three never lose sight of their goal—a final battle against their sworn enemy. But victory comes with a prize: a prize Baldur is more than willing to pay, even with his life.

In 2014 comes out the new album "Með vættum".


Copertina 6
Sorgir (Napalm / 2018) 

1. LJóSIð / 2. SVERðIð / 3. BRúNIN / 4. BARNIð / 5. SKOTTA / 6. GANGáRI / 7. MóRI / 8. MARA / 9. HöNDIN SEM VEGGINA KLóRAR

Copertina 8
Með vættum (Napalm Records / 2014) 

1. Að VORI / 2. MEð FUGLUM / 3. Að SUMRI / 4. MEð DREKUM / 5. Að HAUSTI / 6. MEð JöTNUM / 7. Að VETRI / 8. MEð GRIðUNGUM

Copertina 6
Börn Loka ( Napalm Records / 2012) 


Copertina 7
Baldur (Reissue) (Napalm Records / 2011) 

1. HEIMA / 2. ÁRÁS / 3. SORG / 4. UPPRISA / 5. FÖR / 6. DRAUMUR / 7. KVAÐNING / 8. HEFND / 9. DAUÐI / 10. VALHÖLL / 11. BALDUR (BONUS TRACK) ...

Baldur (Tutl / 2010) 

1. HEIMA / 2. ÁRáS / 3. SORG / 4. UPPRISA / 5. FöR / 6. DRAUMUR / 7. KVAðNING / 8. HEFND / 9. DAUðI / 10. VALHöLL


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