Deep Machine



Nazione:Regno Unito
Attività:dal 1979

Line up

  • Lenny Baxter: vocals
  • Bob Hooker: guitar
  • Nick East: guitar
  • John Riley: bass
  • Chas Towler: drums
Deep Machine are a British Heavy Metal band, formed in 1979 by guitarist Bob Hooker.

The original line up was a four piece with Bob on Guitar, Kin Lou ( Bass) John Edwards ( Vocals), and Pete Clements ( Drums).
Kin Lou left the band and was replaced by Kevin Maloney on Bass. Several gigs were played at East London's Ruskin Arms (London) and also The Bull, Hornchurch Essex.
John Edwards left the band, and was replaced by Mick Silver on vocals, and a few more Ruskin Arms gigs followed..
Bob then auditioned for Iron Maiden at Hollywood Studios Clapham London.
Unfortunately, although in the 'top 3', Bob didn't get the gig, which went to Tony Parsons (who was soon to be replaced by Dennis Stratton).
Disappointed at not nailing the 'Maiden gig, Bob began to put Deep Machine back together again (which at this point had pretty much fallen apart)
John Wiggins, guitarist from Metal band Black Friday, joined the band. Dave Orton (Bass) and Ricky Bruce (Drums) were recruited from Touchstone, a Metal band that had also played numerous gigs on the London circuit.........
Intensive rehearsals took place, working on all original new material. When this was completed,the band then looked for a vocalist to complete the line up... and as a result Roger Marsden became the new frontman ......
In the following year,the band did numerous gigs with this line up including the Ruskin, Greyhound Electric Stadium Chadwell Heath Essex,The Swan South London, Red Lion Gravesend Kent to name a few.
In January 1981, a demo was recorded (the re-mixed tracks you can hear on this page) at Pathway Studios Islington London. Tracks were: Demon Preacher, Asylum, Witchild and Deep Machine.
Bass player Dave Orton left the band, and auditions started to find his replacement.
Andy Wrighton was chosen from around 30 or so applicants.....
More gigs followed with this line up including a support slot with Angel Witch at London's Marquee Club....
Due to pressure from work, Bob (very reluctantly) decided to quit the band......and was replaced by the (excellent) Angel Witch guitarist, Kevin Heybourne.
The band played several gigs with this line up until Kevin Heybourne recruited Ricky Bruce and Roger Marsden to join the re-formed Angel Witch.
John Wiggins also left the band at this point and went on to join ex- Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno in Lone Wolf, and later Battlezone. John also went on to join Tokyo Blade, XFX and Slam.
Andy Wrighton continued with the band for a while, and at this point there were several line up changes.... more notable members included Tony Harris (Guitar) Paul Smith (Guitar) Tony Smith (Vocals) Steve Kingsley (Drums). After around a year or so with these various line- ups, the end of the band was declaired, and Andy Wrighton went on to play in Shogun before moviing on to join ex Deep Machine bandmate John Wiggins in Tokyo Blade.
Roger Marsden left Angel Witch, and went on to sing with EF Band and Nevadda Foxx.
Deep Machine re-formed briefly in '88 to do a one-off gig at the Ruskin Arms....this line up included original members John Wiggins, Dave Orton, Roger Marsden, and notably new member Charlie Towler on Drums.
In January 2009, Bob Hooker, John Wiggins, Andy Wrighton and Slam Drummer Charlie Towler decided to have a jam after not playing together for 27 years! They were amazed at how tight it still sounded, so decided to re-form the band.
Rehearsals started, but it soon proved difficult in finding a singer that totally suited the band. Eventually Lenny Baxter (ex-Bass Player with Gangland, Straight Edge, XFX, Battlezone) became the new frontman.
At this point John and Andy were invited to re-join Tokyo Blade, and found it increasingly difficult to rehearse and commit with both bands, so after a very amicable split, replacements had to be found.
Bass player John Riley (ex- Stolen Property, Urban Clearway, Innovatia) joined the band, and guitarist Nigel Martindale (ex- Fawl, Carnal Rites, Art Of War, Torn Angel ) also joined the ranks.
A year of gigs then followed including shows at The Bridgehouse 2, The Royal Standard (which included a show with Tokyo Blade) and Negasonic club Aalst Belgium, a show that John Wiggins played a guest slot with the band that included the four songs from the original '81 demo.
In February 2012, ex- Deadbolt and more recently Smokin' Barrels axeman Nick 'Beastie' East replaced Nigel Martindale on guitar, completing the current line up.


Copertina 6
Whispers in the Black (High Roller Records / 2013) 


Deep Machine (High Roller Records / 2011) 



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