L'Hiver en Deuil



Attività:dal 2010

Line up

  • Johan: Drums
  • Stijn: Guitars
  • Kevin: Guitars, Vocals
  • David: Vocals
  • Boris: Bass
L' Hiver en Deuil, harsh - mournful - melancholic. The winter of 2009/2010 seems to be the most unrelenting in years. It is in these days of cold that Kevin (at that time still in Gates of Argonath) brings me into contact with drummer Johan, who had just parted ways with Infernal Dream. My original intention was to give it another go with 'Sarin', hoping for a revival of that band with Johan on drums. After a while, disappointed in the ways things were running in Sarin, (leading to Sarin's definitive end during the autumn of 2010), the idea raises to start a new band with Stieg (also ex-Sarin) on guitar and Johan on drums.


Copertina 7
Ter Aarde (Self-released/independent / 2013) 

1. PRéLUDE. / 2. OCEAN BLACK. / 3. AS. / 4. GESEL. / 5. FATUM. / 6. GEKLUISTERD.


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