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Line up

  • Vlad The Inhaler: guitars, vocals
  • Ion “Iron Slasher” Slăsescu: bass
PERSEKUTOR are from Târgu Mureş, Transylvania. They don’t merely play Romanian black metal. They ARE Romanian black metal.
Guitarist/vocalist Vlad The Inhaler and lead bassist Ion “Iron Slasher” Slăsescu are goat herders by day and black metal masters of the universe by night. They have been through several drummers over the years, including one who claimed to be a descendant of famed Romanian pan flute virtuoso Zamfir. Their current drummer is the enigmatic Doktor Impossible.

PERSEKUTOR’s debut Angels Of Meth was recently hailed as “the best album nobody heard in 2006” by Decibel magazine. Upon release, the album received a perfect 10 out of 10 score in the same publication—the first black metal album (possibly the first album of any subgenre) to ever rate that highly in Decibel.

Due to a “legal dispute” with Thousand Year Reich, the label that released Angels Of Meth, the album is nearly impossible to find. The label was allegedly run as a money-laundering front for the Russian mafia’s Bucharest contingency, but PERSEKUTOR would rather not discuss this for obvious reasons. The official pressing was limited to 100 and almost every copy is believed to be either lost or destroyed. The only extant copy is rumored to be in the possession of DARKTHRONE drummer/vocalist and renowned metal enthusiast Fenriz.

“Power Frost” b/w “The Twitching Hour” is PERSEKUTOR’s first and best new material in seven years. The title “The Twitching Hour” was stolen from Repulsion main man Scott Carlson, who had planned to use it for something but was too slow on the draw and you snooze/you lose, etc. It was used with his permission, which was given after the fact.

The day the test presses for PERSEKUTOR’s “Power Frost” single arrived at Magic Bullet HQ, a goat was born on the farm just 500 yards away. If you don’t think this is a sign from the Black Metal Gods and/or Satan himself, you are fucking kidding yourself.


Copertina 6
Power Frost (Magic Bullet Records / 2013) 



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