Ric Costantino

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Genere preferito:Pagan / Viking Metal
Data di nascita:29 luglio 1985
Iscritto dal:10 febbraio 2012
Krigere Wolf was born in Catania at the end of 2009, for the will of Ric Costantino, (already bass player in the Italian underground bands Deathwork, Southern Black Sand and Fusion Limit).
Ric dealing with the guitarist Joe Cantagallo, will bring the project up forward for the early months of 2010.
MAY 2010: Frozen, drummer in black metal bands Arcanum Inferi and Valefar, enter in the line-up as live & studio recording session member. The line-up will be completed in October 2010 by the second guitarist, Erik Cataudella. The band offers a old 90’s Swedish death metal with black and 80’s thrash influences, epic lyrics concerning viking themes related to Norse mythology and poetically obscure stories of war.
SEPTEMBER 2011: Krigere Wolf sign a deal with the Italian underground label “Armed God Records”, managed by Fabrizio Malaponte (Deathwork, Fusion Limit), that agrees to collaborate with them and promote their first official debut album. January 2012: First Krigere Wolf full lenght "The Ancient Cultures To Kill" is out on CD - the band announces the new entry of S.M.Testa replacing Frozen at drums and F. Bauso replacing Joe Cantagallo at lead guitar.

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