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The band was founded by Peppone Eramo (drums) in 2001, together with Giuseppe Pagliarulo (guitar). Afterward Fabio Greco (guitar) and later Domenico Chioppa (vocals), replying to an advertisement, add to the band. The band decides to name ”STIGE”, from the homonym Dante’s infernal river (Peppone is an admirer of the Divine Comedy). STIGE come into existence in the small town of Mottola (TA) and with the current lineup propose a thrash/death metal core. In 2002 thanks to the involvement of Tonio Panaro (who will later leave the band) playing the bass, they record their first demo: "DISCRIMINATION DISGUST". In 2002 Michele De Carlo adds steadily to play the bass and, after a lucky live exhibition as EXTREMA’s opener, Tonio leaves the band due to familiar problems and Domenico gets in touch with Emanuele Giummara one of his old acquaintances. Than in 2004, after a couple of live performances, first Domenico, because of insufficient commitment and reliability, and then Giuseppe, because unsuited for the style of the band, are dismissed and so in their place respectively Gianfranco Liuzzi (special greetings to Gianfry) and Fulvio Volpi add to the band. Unfortunately also the last one will leave the band due to problems concerning job and study and the band goes through the next months keeping on composing and exhibiting with only Emanuale playing the guitar, until Marcello Bruno (ex member of NO FEAR with Gianfranco) added to the band. 2005 goes on with lots of live performances and a more incisive sound than the old one. Emanuele will leave the band because of incompatibility with some members. Now the band has completed the recording of the second demo named “Vortex” and recruited Gigi (ex AbhemA) to play the guitar (thinking to go on kicking asses! ). Also Gianfranco leaves the band because of personal problems and Fabio Milella (ex AbhemA) adds to STIGE. A year after lucky live performances in different places of Italy(we put in a good word for the exhibition at the social center of Gorizia) the band goes through a crisis which is surmounted expelling the vocalist and the bassist. Marco (Vocals) and Antonio (Bass) are engaged. So 6 years after live performances and line-up changes Stige are always here ready to kick your ass!

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