I The Witch



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Line up

  • Stanley Franco: all instruments, vocals
A new project surrounding the intriguing figure of Anglo-South American born Stanley Franco and developing through a musical journey in the lands of drone-doom and space-prog. Influences that give this mysterious, disturbing and delirious band its tormented soul and can be traced in the work of artists such as BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, THE OBSESSED, BURNING WITCH, ELECTRIC WIZARD but also OZRIC TENTACLES and HAWKWIND! The musical experimental edge is even more extreme if you think about the big influence I THE WITCH took from the cold field of ambient-drone (SUNN O))), BORIS, JESU, NADJA, TEETH OF LIONS RULE THE DIVINE). The debut album 'Nagual', produced by Stanley Franco itself, is a concept album performed in one song of 43 minutes dealing with a real story of a Romanian (Roumanian) charmer and enchantress burnt alive in the Second World War in the infamous Bogdanovka-Camp during the holocaust. People from those poor villages never forgot and forgiven. They believe she is still flying with her spirit. And the revenge will come.


Copertina 6,5
Nagual (Astromaster Productions / 2011) 



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